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We Build to Communicate and Communicate to Build Strong Brands

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Cargos directivos:

Director General CARLOS MORALES
Consejero Delegado de Dicom Events ENRIQUE PICÓ CASTELLANOS

Marcas con las que opera:

Nombre Original Adquirida
Dicom Events
GAC 3000
La 5ª

Datos generales*:

Cifra de facturación 17.18 millones
Empleados totales: 115

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DICOM EVENTS  is a business consultancy specialized in reinforcing commercial, communications values, brands and products in highly competitive markets and business sectors.

DICOM EVENTS  is part of Group O holding.

Grupo O is a holding of Companies, perfectly articulated and flexible to perform as a whole with a flexible capacity to adapt and reorganize their staffs according to our Clients specific requirements.

Our major asset is the Quality of our Products and Services. Our Clients` Targets are ours too.

DICOM EVENTS / Picó and associates Studio Design.  Taller de Diseño Picó y Asociados.
DICOM is an innovative firm that communicate through space and design, always looking for new and creative proposals. All processes are completed in house offering a global service for our Clients’ events.
Event management, Design and Architecture applied to temporal architecture events, conventions, congresses and corporate events and product launches. Its activity includes spaces refurbishment, stands, pop-up structures, road shows, digital strategies and Brand positioning.

Studio Design and construction produces ephemeral structures and stands specialized exhibitions, fairs and road shows. This firm manages the transport and montage all over the world and has set up more than 500 Projects in 32 Countries.

La 5a
Communications Agency, we create and produce communication strategies on-line and off-line, marketing campaigns, corporate communications and PR, web 2.0 campaigns. The 5th has vast knowledge and experience in the communication and marketing world.

GAC  Arquitectura Corporativa.
GAC is an office specialized in concept competitions, corporate image development and implementation of corporate image, construction and activity projects for commercial and industrial buildings, hotels, complete or partial projects for reorganizing and refurbishment of office buildings, and design of shopping areas in airport transit zones, parking and service areas in motorways, and so on.

GAC is a specialized in vacant possession projects and building works and also is an industrial engineering and architecture consultant specialized in planning and implementation of corporate concepts in distribution and commercial networks.


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