The trap of Asia-Pacific and North America

    CARLOS POBRE - Foreign Trade Director of Crédito y Caución 25 February, 2013

    The global outlook for 2013 by Crédito y Caución forecasts approximately a 2% growth in world trade, propelled by the evolution of emerging countries. however, emerging regions with higher economic growth rates also have increased levels of default right now. 2013 will bring with it a challenge for Spanish companies. The natural market growth will […]


    Keys to managing an international brand: How to create a global brand

    GONZALO BRUJÓ - 25 February, 2013

    There are several studies of reference that measure the value of international brands including those of the Reputation Institute, Fortune 500, Best companies to Work for and Best Global Brands, among others. Such studies can be a useful starting point when creating and managing a global brand. The ranking of the 100 Best Global Brands […]


    Competitiveness: Key to the internalisation of the company

    ANTONIO HERNÁNDEZ GARCÍA - Partner of KPMG in Spain 25 February, 2013

    Nobody can deny that the foreign sector has become the driving force behind the Spanish economy at present and will be the stronghold of the recovery in the coming years. Indeed, without its contribution the fall in GDP would be around 4%, in contrast to the decrease in growth that the external accounts generated in […]