Grupo Eulen

Corporate and Professional Services

Grupo EULEN, a family business with 100% Spanish capital, is the leading general services provider to companies in Spain, specializing in cleaning activities, security, support services (logistics, general services and telemarketing), FSM (Facility Services & Management) health services, comprehensive maintenance, temporary employment and environmental services.

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Cargos directivos:

Director General de España y Portugal EMILIO GARCÍA PERULLES

Marcas con las que opera:

Nombre Original Adquirida
Codelco Mercantil S.A.
Compañía Internacional de Protección, Ingeniería y Tecnología S.A. (PROINSA)
EULEN Centro Especial de Empleo S.A.
EULEN Integra S.A.
EULEN Seguridad S.A.
EULEN Servicios Sociosanitarios S.A.
Flexiplán S.A. ETT (EULEN Flexiplan)
Instituto EULEN de Formación S.A.

Datos generales*:

Cifra de facturación 1,440 millones
Porcentaje de negocio internacional 28.73 %
Empleados totales: 75,882
Nº de empleados de las filiales en el extranjero: 28,020

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About EULEN Group

The EULEN Group, is a company with 100% Spanish capital and is a benchmark at a global level and a national leader in providing comprehensive services to companies, institutions and governments. Its main aims include providing society with innovative services that entail useful, quality and more efficient solutions. The company also specializes in cleaning, security, auxiliary activities (logistics, general and telemarketing services), FSM (Facility Services & Management), social and healthcare services, comprehensive maintenance, temporary employment and environmental services. Founded in 1962 in Bilbao, today the company is present in 14 countries, reporting an annual turnover of over €1,600 million and a global workforce of more than 90,000 people.

Thanks to its strong work ethic, it has risen to the top of its industry and is moving towards the future with clear international vocation. Pioneers in the concept of outsourcing, the EULEN Group remains at the forefront thanks to the quality of its comprehensive solutions based on an increasing effort in R&D+i, the incorporation of cutting-edge technology, diversification and flexibility of its business models and the commitment of those who work there as well as that of top management, as shown by their professionalism, rigor, respect and efficiency.
In addition, the company is part of the United Nations Global Agreement and is firmly committed to society through the development of socially responsible policies: workplace integration of disadvantaged groups, allowing its staff to find a balance between work and family life, with the obtaining of the Family-Responsible Company certificate, sponsorship and patronage of culture and the arts, protecting the environment, etc.

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