Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves Pereira

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Cuatrecasas is a leading law firm in Spain and Portugal.

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Consejero Delegado JORGE BADÍA


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Datos generales*:

Sales turnover 316.40 millions
Exports from Spain 39.60 millions
Percentage of international business 12.5 %
No. of offices 29
Total Employees: 1,660
Number of employees in foreign countries: 300

*In economic data, last exercise available

Specializing in all areas of business law, Cuatrecasas is present in 14 countries, with a strong focus on Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

Over 1,000 lawyers and 26 nationalities

We capture and retain the best talent by (i) offering 41,000 hours of training every year, (ii) promoting female talent, and (iii) implementing a program for flexible and remote working.


With over 19 specialties, we advise on all areas of business law. The leading international directories position the firm in band 1 for most practice areas.

Client focus

Our Knowledge and Innovation Group, made up of a team of over 40 academics, lawyers and specialists offer our clients services adapted to their needs, including updates on legal developments.


We apply cutting-edge technology, and lean and project management methods in our processes to foster collaboration across disciplines and the exchange of clientfocused solutions. In 2019, as in 2018, we have been considered the “Most innovative law firm (outside UK)” in the FT Innovative Lawyers Awards. Forbes has also recognized us as the “Spanish law firm of the year” for 2019.

Disruptive thinking

We were the first European law firm to create a startup accelerator and a specialist investment vehicle in legaltech companies. Five editions and more than 30 projects is proof of our vision of the future.