Crédito y Caución

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Crédito y Caución introduced Spain to Credit insurance for exports in 1929 and is leader in Spain in this specialist segment.

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Director General en España JACINTO IGLESIAS
Director General DAVID CAPDEVILA


Name Original Acquired
Crédito y Caución

Datos generales*:

Sales turnover 2,012 millions
Percentage of international business 82 %
Attributable Profit 228
Total Employees: 3,531
Number of employees in foreign countries: 3,118

*In economic data, last exercise available

What is Crédito y Caución?

Crédito y Caución, founded in 1929, was the first company in Spain to provide credit insurance, the main system used by European companies to cover themselves against the risk of non-payment in credit sales to other companies.

Throughout these 85-plus years, the Company has been the market leader in this type of insurance, with a 55% share of the market, through which Spanish companies annually insure credit sales for a sum close to 200 billion euros. This cover involves the analysis of each client, indemnity in the event of non-payment and international recovery processes. At the heart of every insurance contract lies a promise: whatever happens, the insured company receives 80% of the loss in its insured operations. The most important contribution of credit insurance is its capacity for prevention; carefully analysing the risks associated with each company.