Buljan & Partners Consulting

Corporate and Professional Services

International Customer Centricity consultancy, dedicated to Customer Experience and Employee Experience, Cultural Transformation and Training.

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Presidenta, consejera delegada y directora general SILVANA BULJAN


Name Original Acquired
Buljan & Partners Consulting

Datos generales*:

Percentage of international business 70 %
No. of offices abroad 3
Total no. of offices 19
Total Employees: 20
Number of employees in foreign countries: 10

*In economic data, last exercise available

Since 2002, Buljan & Partners has made companies a better place for customers and employees by putting people at the center of the business.

With offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Hamburg, and representations in the rest of Europe, Canada, USA and Asia, Buljan & Partners is travel companion of all kinds of companies on their way towards customer orientation at all organizational and functional levels to create and strengthen sustainable competitive advantages over time.

The multidisciplinary and multicultural team led by Silvana Buljan achieves tangible results with the highest quality standards through its experience in global projects, supporting companies through consulting and strategic advisory services, coaching, training and project management.

Buljan & Partners operates in different sectors such as automotive, industrial, retail, pharma, transportation, consumer goods, assistance and professional services, among others, in both B2C and B2B business models.

Customer Centricity is essential for any business: All companies have customers and talent to attract and retain.