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Our success is based on how we deal with our customers: we become their trusted administrative-accounting department, basing our relationship on experience, approachability and availability.

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Directora Real Estate Intl. Corporate BPO RIMA YOUSFAN MORENO
Directora Intl. Payroll Management KIRA RUBIANO
Director de Operaciones Internacionales AUGUSTO BERUTICH


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No. of offices 16
Total Employees: 250

*In economic data, last exercise available

AUXADI was founded in Madrid in 1979, with the clear objective of making life easier for each client by becoming an extension of their Financial-Administrative Department. AUXADI is responsible for all of its client Accounting, Reporting, Tax Compliance, and Human Resource Management needs.

With more than 40 years of experience working for Multinational Companies, Venture Capital and Real Estate Funds, AUXADI is an independent firm and leader in value-added outsourcing services in Europe and Latin America. The company specializes in guiding its majority multinational clients through the internationalization process, which accounts for nearly 95% of its portfolio.

AUXADI invests in technology and people to offer the best service. The company has a platform, based on Microsoft technology that complies with RGPD and includes Dynamics NAV, Power BI, Outlook, Excel, Word, and a powerful document management tool. With these tools, clients can easily control all of their subsidiaries´ incorporate financial information and tax obligations. As a result of AUXADI incorporating technology into their services, the company provides its clients with customized, simple, and secure outsourcing services in Administration, Accounting, Tax Compliance, and Payroll in a single tool.

AUXADI’s expansion strategy and internal vision have led the company to sustained growth, operating in more than 50 countries with 15 subsidiaries.

The firm has nearly 250 professionals – a team characterized by multiculturalism, with great technical mastery in addition to solid values, business vision, management, and interpersonal skills.

In AUXADI, communications with clients are principally managed through their internal CRM which allows the firm to seamlessly manage all client contact through a single point, in all jurisdictions, where the client is present. Providing quality service is the company´s reason for being and the principle by which their flexible model has been designed and adapted. Each client is guaranteed uniform and consistent service as well as the support of local professional in the target country for investment. AUXADI can offer the same service, with the same quality, in different countries.

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