Pisamonas is an online shoe store for kids that in a very short time has become a top site to go when you need to buy shoes for your children.

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Consejero Delegado ENRIQUE BRETOS

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Datos generales*:

Cifra de facturación 10 millones
Porcentaje de negocio internacional 20 %
No. of stores 30
No. of points of sale abroad 2
Empleados totales: 120
Nº de empleados de las filiales en el extranjero: 10

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Pisamonas is an online shoe store for kids that in a very short time has become a top site to go when you need to buy shoes for your children, thanks to an innovative catalogue model that focuses on traditional Spanish style shoes. The brand offers a great variety of cute quality shoes for baby, boy, girl and woman, at great prices.

Through its special online shop philosophy, the brand has unique conditions as delivery, exchange and returns for free, multichannel customer service in different languages to be always close to the customers, high quality image and video content, a very active presence in social networks and a children’s shoe catalogue that combines design, quality, comfort and good prices.

In addition in the latter years the Spanish children shoes brand has gone further internationally, reaching a 25% of total sales related to foreign markets, after the openings in Portugal, France, UK, China and Italy.

Thanks to the aforementioned, Pisamonas has been recognized with several awards in its sector, such as the best international expansion, best ecommerce customer service and best baby and kids products website. In addition, Pisamonas has been recently nominated in 2016 as finalist to the National Fashion Awards of the Spanish Industry Ministry.

All the shoes of the brand are manufactured in Spain, handcrafted with quality materials. Espadrilles, menorcan sandals, mary janes, mocassins, suede desert boots, jelly sandals or ballerinas, are just a few examples of the wide diversity of the quality children shoes you will find at great price online on Pisamonas site.

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