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Pescanova works to bring the best seafood products to consumers around the world. It markets its products in 80 countries and offers 70 different types of fish and seafood in various formats, both fresh, chilled, and frozen, with the aim of providing a healthy fish-based diet.

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Cifra de facturación 1,087 millones
Porcentaje de negocio internacional 61 %
Beneficio atribuido 7.80
No. of international cetifications 15
No. of projects linked to the SDGs 226
Empleados totales: 11,134
Nº de empleados de las filiales en el extranjero: 9,899

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About Pescanova

The Nueva Pescanova Group is a leading multinational in the seafood sector, specialising in the fishing, farming, processing, and marketing of fresh, chilled, and frozen seafood products. It is one of the few seafood companies that is present throughout the entire value chain.

The company has its own fleet with over 60 vessels, more than 7,000 hectares of farms with different species and 17 factories around the world where its products are processed and sold to consumers in 80 countries.

Innovation and sustainability are the two strategic pillars that drive the Group’s activities. In line with this premise, the company focuses on developing new product solutions with sustainable origins and responsible production to meet the needs of consumers around the world. In addition, and as part of its firm commitment to the environment and to bringing value to its surroundings, last year alone it implemented 1,295 responsible actions in 17 countries, making a significant contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

All of this is possible thanks to an international team of 12,000 professionals who work to fulfil the mission of the Nueva Pescanova Group: delivering the best of the sea to tables all over the world.