Pablosky S.L.


Experts in growing feet.

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Cargos directivos:

Directora General EVA MARTÍN-CARO

Marcas con las que opera:

Nombre Original Adquirida
1. Pablosky
2. Stepeasy
3. Paola
4. Nasa

Datos generales*:

Cifra de facturación 31.40 millones
Beneficio atribuido 1.85
Empleados totales: 280

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About Pablosky

Behind Pablosky is a family company capable of taking its brand to any corner of the world, and which has grown by combining the passion of its founders with a team of more than 400 professionals who enjoy what they do.

Today, Pablosky’s great commitment continues to be Spanish produced and high-quality footwear, always adapted to the latest trends.

We have the mission to protect children’s feet by producing the best shoes for the correct development of their feet. For this reason, since 2018 the Spanish Association of Biomechanics and Orthopaedics and Podiatry (SEBIOR) has collaborated and checked our collections and gives us their endorsement as expert podiatrists. Together we promote healthy, high quality, safe, respectful and sustainable footwear that adapts to foot morphology in children at each stage of growth.

A strong international vision and presence thanks to Pablosky’s positioning as one of the most valuable brands in the world of children’s and youth footwear made in Spain.

Our shoes reach more than 60 countries. From Australia to the USA and from Cyprus to Hong Kong.

Today, our stores, spread all over the world, are sophisticated and fun spaces, a unique shopping experience where the feeling of quality is apparent to every visitor.

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