Fabrics, Rugs and More.

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Cifra de facturación 2.90 millones
Porcentaje de negocio internacional 42 %
No. of stores 1
Empleados totales: 19
Nº de empleados de las filiales en el extranjero: 1

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Naturtex is a form that sounds new, for its image and novel products and contemporary character. And in a way it is, since it is established in 1997. But in reality behind it, it hides an enormous experience and experiences, since it is located in a closely linked territory and of great tradition in the textile and footwear industry (Crevillent, municipality located in the Entrepreneurial Valencian Community).

In addition, Naturtex is also the fruit of the road already toured by Artesa, a company whose origins were remote in the early 60’s with the manufacture of traditional sisal baskets. This evolution is neither more nor less than a reflection of the entrepreneurial spirit of a family business. And it is that that restless attitude has been spreading from one generation to another and forms a fundamental part of the personality and of who is today Naturtex.

Tradition, know-how and appreciation “for things done right” are inherited traits that are breathed into every product created and project undertaken by Naturtex.

It is difficult to define and collect in a few words all that Naturtex does, but it could be said that it thinks, imagines, designs, develops and produces unique and special textures that translate to carpets, upholstery and decoration fabrics, modular panels, Etc, in short, you know: Rugs, fabrics and more that endow the spaces with a distinctive character and their own personality. And all thanks to …

… a high specialization and experience in the sector of the textile materials and processes

… a high knowledge of the world of decoration and fashion

… a creative conciliation between tradition and innovation

… a high capacity of flexibility and adaptation that gives them being manufacturers.

And why do not we try? And why not try?

If there is something that identifies us, it is that unusual mixture of different materials, resulting in as unlikely and surprising products as a carpet created from the combination of paper fiber, lurex and cotton.

Our goals and challenges are to:

– Grow

– Innovate, imagine, experiment …

– Being specialists and advisers

– Transmit our experience and identity unique, fresh, creative, reflecting our Mediterranean character and manufacturer.