La Vanguardia


Since its foundation in 1881, La Vanguardia is a family-owned newspaper. Five generations of the Godó family have been at the head of the newspaper, maintaining a continuity that in the realm of international quality journals is comparable to that of the Sulzberger family in The New York Times or the Miter family in La Nación in Buenos Aires.
The founders, Don Carlos and Don Bartolomé Godó Pie, were industrialists from Igualada who had expanded their textile business in the Basque Country. Militants both (and then deputies) of the Liberal Party of Práxedes Mateo Sagasta, then subjected to strong internal tensions, decided to launch La Vanguardia as a vehicle of political struggle, with the progressive vocation that its title illustrated.
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Presidente Javier Godó, Conde de Godó
Director General Óscar Ferrer
Consejero Delegado Carlos Godó Valls


Name Original Acquired
La tienda de la hemeroeca
La Vanguardia
Vanguardia Dossier

Datos generales*:

Sales turnover 88,134 millions
Attributable Profit 1,091
No. of unique visitors on website (September 2019) 53.6 millions
Total Employees: 190
Number of employees in foreign countries: 8

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La Vanguardia is a newspaper owned by the Godó family since it was founded on February 1, 1881. Considered the flagship of Grupo Godó de Comunicación, it is printed daily in Barcelona and Madrid. Throughout its 133 years of history, La Vanguardia has witnessed three centuries, and a reference of modern day, cosmopolitan and innovative in all industrial and technological processes, as well as a reference of Catalan and Spanish civil society. Model of the press of European prestige, it has 17 correspondents distributed throughout the world with which it has evolved into a global newspaper with a worldwide audience of almost 20 million people. At the moment it publishes, in addition to an edition in Catalan and another one in Castilian, a series of weekly thematic supplements: Culture / s, Es, Money, Motor, Magazine and Que Fem ?.

Its president-editor is Javier Godó, count of Godó (Barcelona, ​​1941), that belongs to the fourth generation of a family traditionally linked to newspaper companies. The fifth generation is represented by Carlos Godó Valls, who is the CEO, and Ana Godó Valls, who is an editorial advisor.

During the year 2014, La Vanguardia consolidated its leadership in the Catalan press, with sales approaching 155,000 copies, which reach 690,000 readers on paper in addition to the 19 million who read through its page Web.