La Chinata

Food & Drinks

Production of ‘pimentón de la vera’ under our brand ‘La Chinata’

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Cargos directivos:

Presidente, CEO y director general CECILIO OLIVA GARCÍA

Marcas con las que opera:

Nombre Original Adquirida
La Chinata

Datos generales*:

Porcentaje de negocio internacional 70 %
Number of countries where the company is present 68
Empleados totales: 30

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NETASA (Norte Extremeña de Transformados Agrícolas S.A.) is a family firm that was founded in 1975 in Plasencia (Cáceres). More than three decades later, it is still holding onto the very pillars on which it was raised: to offer their customers the highest quality and most rigorous control in its Smoked Paprika Powder ‘La Chinata’.

Thanks to these premises, and after a selective process, the Guarantee of Origin ‘Pimentón de la Vera’ chose us among its member companies. This award confirms ‘La Chinata’ as a brand of quality and warranty.

The name ‘La Chinata’ comes from the name of the inhabitants of the village (Malpartida de Plasencia) where the company founder, Florentino Oliva, was born. His children and grandchildren, three generations later, are still going on with his exciting work, providing small innovations that do not distort the traditional production process.

Our company, thanks to following the strictest manufacturing processes, is certified under the strict IFS standard.

Currently, our ‘La Chinata’ Smoked Paprika Powder has gained international prestige and it could be said that it is the most recognized brand worldwide, exporting to over 60 countries and being present in main supermarkets and gourmet markets around the world.

Our main markets are the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, France and Australia.

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