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Traditional taste of haute cuisine since 1920

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Cifra de facturación 9.30 millones
Facturación Agregada Filiales en el Exterior 0.77 millones
Porcentaje de negocio internacional 8.29 %
Empleados totales: 33
Nº de empleados de las filiales en el extranjero: 2

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Pig meat tradition

The pride of the family business is that each new generation honours the preceding one while introducing changes and adapting the business to the new challenges of society. This is precisely the motto that we follow at FISAN when performing our daily work.

Currently, the family business is run by the third generation of the family. Headed by Eva, Florencio and Javier, we continue to develop the project, whose core idea is to deliver products of a better quality each day.

FISAN represents a century of respect for the tradition and culture of our Ibérico products, as well as dedication to their constant improvement through innovation.

For FISAN, each season begins hundreds of kilometres away from their facilities in Guijuelo, in the dehesas (meadows) at the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula. This part of our work is key in the final result, since we select the best genetics and morphology of the pig herds that will be the primary material of the season, and we ensure they are reared under optimal conditions.

Guijuelo’s proximity to the mountains ensures the best weather conditions for the preparation of bellota Iberico ham in our drying rooms.

Between the foundation of the original setup to FISAN’s plant as it stands today in Campillo de Salvatierra   there are decades of hard work and investment to achieve modern and exemplary facilities Even so, part of the original charm remains, such as the process of manually opening and closing the mountain-facing windows to capture the privileged climatic conditions offered by Guijuelo throughout the year.

FISAN is part of the Guijuelo DO Regulatory Board since its foundation This entity not only contributed to raising the quality standards of Guijuelo’s Iberico products to the highest levels but also to spread the image and prestige of the products manufactured in the area across the entire national territory, later spreading woldwide.

Branching from its headquarters in Guijuelo, FISAN is already present in restaurants and gourmet shops across the five continents, where it continues to advocate the potential of bellota ham, a product that is increasingly valued around the world.

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