Dedicated to Design, Manufacturing, Marketing and the Correct Use of special products with high added value, our company is involved in the sealing and image of bottles for wine, spirits, champagne, etc. We work with respect and transparency, with guidance and dedication to meet the needs of our customers, focusing our efforts on creating value as a company.

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Presidente Ana Echevarría
Consejero Delegado José Miguel Munilla
Director General José Miguel Munilla
Director comercial Jon Iguiñiz
Director de operaciones Pedro López
Director Adjunto a Dirección General Félix González
Director financiero José Antonio Clavijo
Directora de RRHH María Jesús Carazo
Director técnico Miguel Angel González


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Datos generales*:

Sales turnover 91.50 millions
Sales turnover in Spain 20 millions
Exports from Spain 49 millions
Sales turnover in foreign countries 23 millions
Percentage of international business 78 %
International business forecast 20%
Total Employees: 600
Number of employees in foreign countries: 180

*In economic data, last exercise available

What is Ramondín?

Ramondin manufactures screw caps, aluminium, polylaminate, PVC and tin capsules, and is a leading supplier of caps to the largest beverage brands in the international market.

Founded in 1890 by Frederic Dehillotte Ramondin in Ibarra (Tolosa), the company currently has its headquarters and a factory in Laguardia (Álava, the Basque Country), a factory in France and another in Argentina, and its own sales offices in the world’s largest markets.

Quality manufacturing processes and products, along with innovation, development and social responsibility, are the principles that guide this world leader in the manufacture of capsules, in addition to a firm commitment to investment in innovation and exportation.