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Spanish leader company in the design, manufacture and marketing of car wash and car care solutions for the automotive sector

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Consejero Delegado RAFAEL TOMAS ALFARO


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Datos generales*:

Sales turnover 128.30 millions
Percentage of international business 76 %
Attributable Profit 8
Total Employees: 889
Number of employees in foreign countries: 218

*In economic data, last exercise available

ISTOBAL is a multinational leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of car wash and car care solutions for all vehicle types. With 70 years’ experience, ISTOBAL places the emphasis on innovation and high technology to create products and services that generate profitability for the car wash business and added value for users.

A strong internationalization strategy has enabled the company to position itself as a European sector leader and to become an international reference in more than 75 countries worldwide. The focus on innovation and the latest technologies contribute to effectiveness, quality and a business vision that helps customers grow.

Founded in 1950 in L’Alcúdia (Valencia) by Ismael Tomás Alacreu, ISTOBAL has managed to preserve its essence as a family-owned business -currently in the third generation- while running a multinational corporate group consisting of 9 subsidiaries and 3 manufacturing and assembly plants in Europe and America. At present, international sales -amounting to 145 million euros in 2019- represent 70% of the company’s manufacturing activity.

The group employs 900 people at the parent company, the main manufacturing site, and the 9 subsidiaries, and also relies on a worldwide network of distributors that reinforce the company’s foreign presence. The focus on service allows ISTOBAL to provide comprehensive solutions including: design, with an R&D department constantly generating ideas, prototypes and patents; manufacturing and process engineering with a high operational flexibility and the latest technological developments; and marketing and technical support thanks to a consolidated network of qualified sales personnel and engineers trained on an ongoing basis.

The development of next-generation, environmentally friendly chemicals and of financing and marketing solutions for its customers complete ISTOBAL’s portfolio of comprehensive services. All this is always done bearing in mind the need to respond to technological changes and to offer the best experience to those who use our car wash services.