mó: Spain’s favourite brand of glasses

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Director General CARLOS CRESPO


Name Original Acquired
Mo Eyewear

Datos generales*:

No. of stores (Spain) 608
Total Employees: 2,000

*In economic data, last exercise available

mó, the perfect example of how to turn any type of trend or inspiration into a frame, is the best-selling brand of prescription glasses in Spain. A product characterised by its 100% Spanish design that is an asset guaranteed to increase in value.

The favourite brand for Spanish consumers, mó has in excess of one thousand models to choose from, so that anyone can find glasses that feel tailor-made. The brand works in the belief that glasses are much more than just a frame and lenses: they reflect the personality of the person wearing them, highlighting everyone’s unique personality.
Moreover, such variety is based on the utmost quality of the exclusive materials and technologies developed for mó, recovering a craft-like manner in conceiving the frame.

Beyond such claim to ‘tailor-made’ technology, mó elevates the concept of glasses to the category of trend. What is mó committing to this season? The main trend is the strength of shapes. Whereas details or the choice of colour were under the spotlight in the past, frames now take on a life of their own.
Furthermore, mó has banished any intermediate profiles and takes the plunge by choosing between ultra-thin or extra-thick frames. What colours? The brand claims the reinvention of basic colours.

100% Spanish design, exclusive technology, an infinite variety of trends and being Spain’s best-selling prescription glasses make mó the perfect glasses, regardless of your personality.