The international presence of Inditex shows that there are no barriers when it comes to share the same fashion culture. Inditex is a global company that exploits growth opportunities in any of its international growth areas.

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Presidente PABLO ISLA
Consejero Delegado CARLOS CRESPO


Name Original Acquired
Massimo Dutti
Zara Home

Datos generales*:

Sales turnover 28,286 millions
Percentage of international business 84.3 %
Attributable Profit 3,639
No. of points of sale abroad 5,889
No. of own stores 6,357
No. of franchises 1,112
Total Employees: 176,611
Number of employees in foreign countries: 127,924

*In economic data, last exercise available

About Zara

Belonging to the Inditex Group, one of the largest fashion distributors in the world with over 7,400 stores under eight sales formats in 96 markets, the first Zara shop opened its doors in 1975 in the centre of A Coruña. Zara offers the latest fashion trends for women, men and children.

The success of Zara collections lies in the ability to recognise and assimilate the ongoing changes in fashion, through the constant design of new models in response to customer wishes.

Zara employs its flexible business model, which comprises the design, production, logistics and distribution, to adapt itself to changing trends.

The presence of Zara in the main city shopping areas – such as Oxford Street and Regent Street in London; Fifth Avenue or SoHo in New York; the Piazza del Duomo in Milan or the Champs Elysées in Paris – is the basis for the brand image, in addition to its carefully dressed windows and the interior design of its stores. Zara currently has more than 2,000 stores in the main cities across five continents.